Laser Dentistry

Our Cosmetic Dentist in Gilbert uses Laser Dentistry for non-invasive treatment.

Advanced Technology Used For A Healthier You

At Robert F. Walker Jr. DDS, we are committed to providing excellent dentistry built around your best comfort and care. Implementing the latest in dental treatments and innovations, such as laser dentistry for our Chandler, AZ patients, is just one of the many ways we accomplish this.

The use of a soft-tissue laser allows Dr. Walker to provide dental care with the most precision and little-to-no discomfort. Many treatments that were previously only possible with the use of a scalpel are much more convenient and comfortable with laser dentistry! Dr. Walker is fully qualified and proficient in laser dentistry!

Laser dentistry can be used and and utilized for many dental treatments including:

  • Periodontal Therapy
  • Gum Contouring
  • Oral Lesions/Cold Sores
  • Removing Broken Blood Vessels
  • Frenectomy (correcting tongue tie)

Using a laser makes treatment quick and gentle, while providing many other benefits. Laser dentistry is virtually painless, reducing the need for sedation or other anesthetics. As Dr. Walker treats an area with the laser, the tissue becomes sterilized and begins to heal itself on the spot. These properties mean minimal bleeding and a much faster healing time post-treatment.

Ask us how laser dentistry can make appointments quicker, safer, and more comfortable!

Dr. Walker and our team proudly stay on top of today’s dental advancements and education, including laser dentistry. Visit Chandler, AZ dentist, Dr. Walker, for topnotch dental care that is safe, convenient, and gentle. We are committed to providing excellent laser dentistry for Chandler. Looking for a the best Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert has to offer? Your search is over.