Root Canal Therapy

Saving your tooth and prolonging your health.

Get Relief From Your Toothache

While today’s dentistry gives us a lot of fantastic options for tooth replacement, nothing is better than your natural tooth. It is the primary goal of Robert F. Walker Jr. DDS to protect and preserve the teeth you were born with by all means possible. In a case where a tooth has become infected or abscessed to the point it is at risk of being lost, our dentist in Chandler, AZ offers comfortable, effective root canal therapy.

Although root canal therapy is often rumored to be painful, advanced dental technologies and comforts have made this treatment more comfortable and effective than ever before. Having an infected or abscessed tooth can be excruciatingly painful. However, root canal therapy is meant to free you from the pain while restoring the tooth back to health.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Don’t believe the hype! Root canals CAN be comfortable.
Older couple smiling in front of a blue wall after their root canal therapy

Root canal therapy has become a routine dental treatment. Dr. Walker begins root canal therapy by making sure you are completely numb so that the entire experience will be virtually painless.

Next, an opening is created in order to access the infected pulp, which is then removed. The canals that once held the infection are cleaned and shaped, treated with disinfectant, and filled with a rubbery material to protect the tooth from becoming infected again.

Once complete, your tooth will be capped with a porcelain crown or onlay that will seal your dental work and leave your tooth looking natural and beautiful.

The teeth you were born with were meant to last a lifetime, and it’s our goal to help make that possible.

I have always dreaded going to the dentist! But I started going to Dr. Walker's office and I don't dread it anymore! Everyone in there is so sweet and caring. Dr. Walker always checks to see if I'm still doing good or if I need anything. If your %22scared%22 of the dentist come here because you won't be scared anymore (: They are all fantastic!

Forrest B. (Actual Patient)