Dental Implants

The number one tooth replacement solution in Chandler, AZ.

Missing a Tooth?

Nothing may be more frustrating than having a missing tooth. Thankfully, modern dentistry provides a way to restore the natural function and appearance of a smile that has been plagued by a missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants give Chandler, AZ patients a reason to smile again!

When a tooth is missing, so is the stability of the bone in the jaw. If the missing tooth isn’t replaced, the bone begins to deteriorate. As this loss of bone progresses, facial features are put at risk and general health is compromised. Dental implants are the only tooth-replacement restoration that halts the bone deterioration process by acting as a direct replacement for the tooth root.

Dental implants have become an extraordinary tooth replacement solution. They provide a solid foundation of support for new, permanent replacement teeth, increasing the ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. With the added health benefits, dental implants are an incomparable alternative to tooth replacement.

Your Perfect Solution For Tooth Replacement

Many who have chosen dental implants as their solution to replace a missing tooth have found their experience to be life-changing.

Dental implant placement has become a routine process. Here is how an implant is placed:

Placing the Roots

First, a titanium implant is placed in the jawbone by an oral surgeon and left to heal.

Adding the Restoration

Once this fusion is complete, an abutment will be placed on the implant, and Dr. Walker will attach a natural-looking crown that becomes the new tooth.

Integrating With the Jaw

As it heals, the implant and jawbone begin to fuse and become one, creating a solid foundation for your replacement tooth.

Outstanding Outcomes

The end result is a sturdy tooth that looks as natural as your real tooth.

As an Air Force Kid, I've had a lot of dentists. None come anywhere close to the level of service, care, consideration, and knowledge shown consistently at Dr. Walker's office. I recommend him to all my friends.

Nicole W. (Actual Patient)