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Veneers- Diagnostic Try In

Have you ever wondered what your dream smile could look like? So many times, we have patients come in with stained, chipped, missing, broken-down or simply not satisfied with the appearance of their front teeth and ask what can be done to improve them.  In many of these scenarios, ceramic veneers are a great, viable option! With veneers, we can customize the shape, contours, length, width and color of your front teeth to get that smile you have always wanted. But it is daunting committing to procedures before knowing exactly what the end result will be like. Using totally reversible techniques, we can show you directly in your own mouth what is possible. Without even touching the drill. Here’s how it is done.

Impressions of your mouth are taken and diagnostic models are fabricated from the impressions. We discuss your desires and what you are looking to achieve esthetically.

Diagnostic Models


Following are consultation, we turn that diagnostic model into a diagnostic wax up, using your input on how you want the teeth to look.  Here’s an example:

Diagnostic Wax-Up

This is the fun part! A stent is fabricated from the wax up.  This stent can transfer the wax up directly into your mouth for a direct Try In!

Wax-Up Stent
Wax-Up Try In

You now can see what the end result will be like before we even start! What is even greater is this step is 100% reversible and if you are not completely satisfied with the esthetics, we simply take out the temporary and you are right back to were you started without any irreversible damage.  No drilling, no numbing, no long hours in the dental chair.

Going from this:

Preliminary Photo

To this:

After Photo

It no longer needs to be a mystery on what the end result could look like before committing.  If you are interested in a consultation to see what your veneers could do for your smile, please give us a call!

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