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New Study: Drinking Coffee May Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Dentist Chandler AZIf you’re among the millions who just can’t seem to get it together without your morning cup of joe, a recent study by the American Cancer Society may give you yet another reason to smile over your caffeine fix.

The study compared people who drank four or more cups of caffeinated coffee on a daily basis, with people who drank coffee only occasionally, or not at all. The findings revealed that that the big coffee drinkers were 49% less likely to die from oral/pharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancer than were non-coffee drinkers. Interestingly, no similar findings were discovered regarding drinking decaffeinated coffee, or tea.

It is thought that the antioxidants, polyphenols, or other compounds in caffeinated coffee may help to protect against the development or progression of cancer. This doesn’t mean though, that everyone should automatically start amping-up their daily coffee intake.

Lead author Janet Hildebrand, MPH, said, “We are not recommending people to all drink 4 cups of coffee a day. This is just a little bit of good news for those of us who enjoy coffee … There needs to be much more consistent research before we can support the conclusion that coffee should be consumed for cancer prevention.”

Were you intrigued by these recent findings? Share this information with your fellow coffee lovers to enjoy over their next cup. How many cups do you drink in a day? Share your thoughts in our comment box below!

Other preventative measures

Future studies will no doubt shed further light on the matter. In the meantime, other preventative action is needed to limit the risk of developing cancer, including changing unhealthy tobacco and alcohol habits. Visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and allow for early diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer.

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