Should I Be Whitening My Teeth?

Who wouldn’t want a movie star’s whiter, brighter smile? Could it mean a boost in your social ratings and self-esteem? A survey conducted by NCBI claims it may!

“Tooth colour exerts an influence on social perceptions. The results may be explained by negative beliefs about dental decay, such as its link with poor oral hygiene.” (NCBI)

Before you rush out to whiten your teeth, however, consider these important tips.


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Is Whitening Right for My Teeth?

If your gums and teeth aren’t in a healthy state right now, before whitening, you might want to pump the brakes on rushing to whiten them. Why?


The Whitening Watch-List

It’s worth your while to have a dental checkup that specifically takes into consideration enamel thickness, receding gums, dental sensitivity, tooth decay, and any existing restorations (like crowns, fillings, veneers) to determine how a potent whitening product might affect them.

Only a dentist is really qualified to assess the cause of your dental discoloration and determine if stains are on the tooth’s surface or deep within the tooth itself. Knowing this may alter which whitening products and procedures are recommended to best help you achieve the sparkling smile you’re aiming for.

You should seriously consider these important facts about teeth whitening from your dentist in Chandler, AZ before you buy that over-the-counter product.


At-Home Kits vs. At-the-Dentist Whitening

At-home whitening systems bought over the counter at your local store contain merely 3% to 20% peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxides). Compare that to in-office systems, which are comprised of 15% to 43% peroxide —a much more powerful solution to help achieve a glamorous white smile.

Obviously, as your dentist in Chandler, AZ, we are better equipped with products that can get teeth whiter and brighter much faster! A dental office can also offer the benefits of advanced technology and tools designed to intensify the whitening process with heat, light, or the combination of both.


Safety First!

You want a dazzling smile that will make you and everyone around you feel good, right? Our dental team shares your goal and want to help you reach it.

As tempting as do-it-yourself treatments may be, there are many reasons to seek the help of our dental professionals. Whitening products used too frequently, applied for too long, or used on teeth or gums with existing issues, could turn your quest for a whiter smile upside down.

So call our fantastic dental team today for a safe and affordable teeth whitening experience that offers you the movie-star smile you’re looking for!


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